Production Notes

Read the documentation!

No User Support

We do not provide any kind of user support to DMP users. Experience has shown us that almost all DMP-related questions users ask have already been covered in documentation and videos.

And when it comes to general questions, if you are willing to pay our consulting fees, we will be happy to assist you. It is cheaper to read the documentation. And much faster.

Bug reports and feature requests can be made through the code repository.

Updating Django Music Publisher

There is a gap you should be aware of. Initial deployment to Heroku is simple. However, neither Heroku, nor any other cloud provider, provides mechanisms for making upgrades as simple. Upgrading requires very basic technical skills. Any junior software developer or system administrator can do it. But for most people, it is too complicated. There are three areas where this is important.

Our business model

Django Music Publisher (DMP) is free, open-source software. We have been developing it, in periods when business was low, for over two years. There is a business model behind it. Here is the gist of it.

As things stand right now, we have a lot of motives to keep improving Django Music Publisher as free software. However, we provide no guarantees.

Beyond Django Music Publisher

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