DMP - Seminar Service

DMP is perfect for practical seminars about handling music metadata, registrations and royalty management. If you are an organiser, this service will take your seminars to the next level.

Our service hosts slightly modified instances of DMP for your attendees. On one hand, configuration and interface are simplified, so the seminar can focus on key topics. On the other, simulated CWR acknowledgement files and royalty statements can be created, so the complete process, from entering metadata through registrations, processing acknowledgements and subsequent processing of royalty statements can be covered.

Furthermore, you are able to track attendee progress from the control panel, making it ideal for both on-line and on-site seminars. Right after the seminar, or after designated time, the attendee instances of DMP are automatically deleted.

Train The Trainer Seminar

We also organise Train The Trainer seminars, where you will go through a fast-paced seminar covering music publishing in general, with special emphasis on registrations, processing acknowledgements and basic royalty processing. In the second part, you will learn now to monitor attendee progress.

Attending Train The Trainer seminar is not a requirement for using our service, but it is highly recommended, especially if you never used DMP or That Green Thing in production.

The contact information is available here.