Pre-installation wizard (1/5)

DMP can be installed to the cloud in under 5 minutes with the help of this wizard. For alternatives, see the Installation section of the documentation.

We will not ask for any sensitive information in the wizard. Once you finish it, you will be redirected to the website of the cloud provider of your choice, where the actual installation happens.

Enter the name of the publisher and select the performance rights organisation. See Compatibility for details.

Enter IPI Name Number (required). It must be a valid one. If you are just testing, use "199".

If you have CWR delivery code, enter it here. It is not required at this point, but CWR exports will be disabled without it. You can obtain it from your society (PRO/CMO) and enter it later.

General information

The name of the publisher, can not contain a comma or any non-ASCII characters.

Also known as collecting society (for performing rights).

11-digit IPI Name Number, also known just as "IPI".

2- or 3-letter code for CWR delivery.

In the last year, the pre-installation wizard was used 860 times, using 113 unique valid IPIs.
No one can know exactly how many installations were made in other ways.
No one can know how many music companies actually use DMP.
Anonymity is a key aspect of truly free software.